Update: Call of Duty: Cold War double XP event has been extended to two days, balance updates on the way Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War artwork

Update: Treyarch have heard the complaints about their double XP event being short, and have extended it by another 24 hours. It'll continue through to 10am on Tuesday, November 17, Pacific Time. That's 1pm EST, and 6pm GMT. Double XP is live now in both multiplayer and zombies mode.

Original story: One of the most common complaints just here following the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War is that the weapon XP takes absolutely forever. It's all over the reddit, with lots of people blaming it for the dominance of the MP5 submachine gun in multiplayer matches. (It's also possible that the MP5 is just… overpowered. Keep reading for more on that.) 

Seems like Treyarch Studios has heard the plaintive, mewling, kitten-like cries of the hungry CoD gamer. (That's actually just me.) The game's first round of double XP will start today, November 15th, at 10:00AM PT. That's 1:00PM ET or 6:00PM GMT, for reference. (Lucky Brits, I guess. Likely all off work by then.)

"Ready to grind? 24 hours of 2XP in #BlackOpsColdWar begins at 10AM PT!," reads the tweet from the official Treyarch account. It's exciting for those on a full binge with the newest game in their favorite franchise, and no sarcasm here, I fully support you having fun out there. (Please do remember to shower and eat.) However, I would like to politely comment on how dystopian that tweet is. Do y'all remember when grinding in games was considered… bad? But we're celebrating it now? No? Just me? Okay.

Elsewhere on Twitter the game's developers promised that balance updates for weapons and scorestreaks will be"coming in with Season 1, if not sooner." It's also, likely, a comment on the power of Cold War's dominant MP5 submachine gun, with players noting especially often that it's better at long-range combat than Cold War's newly-weakened sniper rifles. 


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