Here’s some gameplay footage of Sam & Max in VR A hyperkinetic rabbity thing

A couple of days ago we found out there was a remastered version of Telltale's episodic series Sam & Max Save the World on the way, but let's not forget there's also a brand new Sam & Max in development, even though it is in VR. Sam & Max: This Time it's Virtual! is due next year, so developers HappyGiant have shared some pre-release gameplay footage taken with an Oculus Quest 1. 

It looks like we'll be playing a new recruit to the Freelance Police, kind of like the mute trainee protagonist of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The opening shows the player being let out of a car's trunk by Sam & Max, then expected to defeat a five-headed monster with a trashcan lid and a bazooka. 

The duo's familiar office appears and is apparently quite an interactive space, with roaches to shoot, knives to throw, a clown to boop, wasps in the filing cabinet for some reason, and coffee to fetch. The rest of the trailer is dedicated to carnival minigames, including one where you bundle up Max and throw him, and a classic Dunk the Beast just like in Sam & Max: Hit the Road. It's very on-theme for a Sam & Max game, even if it does have something of the vibe of a Rabbids-themed minigame collection for the Nintendo Wii from 2006.

Sam & Max: This Time it's Virtual is due out in 2021, while Sam & Max Save the World should be here in December.


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