Where To Buy A PS5 In Australia

Seriously, where the f*** can you buy a PS5 in Australia? And when will more be available? We asked all the retailers so you don’t have to. 

PlayStation 5! It’s the flash new video game console every video game lover wants, and every retailer wants to sell to you, but can’t. Ever since the incredibly messy situation in mid-September, where the general public and retailers were blindsided by the sudden opportunity to preorder the console for launch day, it’s been incredibly tough to try and secure a console. 

What we know is that if you want a console on launch day, November 12, you’re basically out of luck (haha, unless…? Read more below). There’s been some conflicting information about when a new shipment of consoles might be available for purchase, with some retailers saying they may have more to sell in December, and others claiming you’re out of luck until mid-2021. Far out.

Ahead of the big day this week, I cold-called dozens upon dozens of different stores across Australia to try and get an accurate gauge of where the country is at with PlayStation 5 preorders, and where your best chances to nab a console might lie.

If you haven’t managed to secure a PS5 yet but desperately want one as soon as you can, well, read on.

The Gamesmen

I’m not going to beat around the bush here — if you want PS5 right now, hit up The Gamesmen.

The folks at Australia’s longest-running independent video game shop told me that they will be getting more stock this year, and they will be available sometime in December.

The preorders for the December will go live on the Gamesmen website on Thursday, November 12 at 10:00am AEDT.

However, if you happen to be a South Sydney local, or if you miss out online and you’re willing to go for a drive, The Gamesmen will have a small allocation of stock, reserved for instore purchases, which will be available on Friday November 13, beginning at 10:00am AEST.

You read that right. Don’t tell anyone I told you, and say hi to the Cusumano family for me.

EB Games

eb games trade in xbox series x ps5
Image: EB Games

From the independents to the global corporations, EB Games is likely one of the first places you’ll think of looking when you go on your PS5 hunt. Well, you’re not the only one.

“We’re sold out for the next five shipments, so if you preorder now, the delivery is expected for April next year,” one sales associate told me. “We are very, very sold out.”

Another one didn’t even want to be that optimistic: “We won’t have any to sell until next year sometime. But we’re not taking any orders because we don’t know when they’re going to come, unfortunately.”

One friendly staffer gave me the full rundown of EB’s pre-order saga. “For the launch day shipment Sony gave us 15 minutes notice that they were going live … that shipment lasted about one and a half hours before it sold out.”

“After that, we had visibility from Sony on a delivery this year, maybe late November, maybe December. That one sold out within about 30 minutes.”

“Then we started doing $50 deposits for whatever we’re getting next year. After one day of that, Sony looked at how many orders we had, and went “Holy shit, please stop taking pre-orders, because we don’t have visibility on what we’re going to have volume-wise or timeline-wise, and we don’t want to keep adding people, we want to do this right.”

“So yeah, we’ve stopped taking pre-orders.”

One tidbit of information I got from a few long-time managers was that with the PS4, there was about a 6 month window between the launch of the console and being able to walk in off the street to grab one. So the advice from EB is keep an eye on pre-orders opportunities in-store and online until at least the middle of next year once the 2020 rush has died down.

JB Hi-Fi

jb hifi

Being one of Australia’s most popular electronics retailers, JB Hi-Fi is in a similar boat to EB Games.

“They’re supposed to be some more next year, but we haven’t really gotten a date yet. Sony hasn’t really given us any information about it at all,” a game department staffer told me. “We don’t even have any confirmation of even a second drop for [PS5’s],” said another.

“But no store will be taking pre-orders anymore for the time being, we’ll only be taking them through the website if at all.”

One ray of hope though: multiple JB Hi-Fi staffers informed me that the retailer would push through an announcement for the next batch of preorders opening via its newsletter mailing list, and assured me that there would be a period of notice before they actually opened. “We’re not going to do it like an overnight thing. We will give customers like at least a week or so,” one manager stated.

A Brisbane-based store told me that they were operating an “expression of interest” list, which required a $50 deposit. “What it means is that when we do get allocated, you go straight in the queue just straight in the queue.”

So, if you live near a JB Hi-Fi and keen for a PS5, check with your local store to see if they have any kind of waiting list, otherwise, get onto the JB Hi-Fi newsletter list for updates.

Keeping an eye online seems to be the approach you want to take if you want to try your luck with another retailer, too.

Big W

Image: Getty Images

The department store will only have the PS5 available to order online. Orders will be opening up sometime on launch day, Thursday 12th November.

I was unable to get any definite statement on whether these units would be delivered immediately upon ordering, or shortly after launch in a second-wave shipment. My guess in a second-wave in December, because it seems like other departments stores are in the same boat, like…

Harvey Norman / Domayne

Old mate Gerry Harvey reckons he’s got a shipment in early December, and preorders for that one will be opening up on launch day, Thursday 12th November.

Gerry thinks you’ll get delivery of the units by December 15th, and you can only order these ones online.


ps5 pre order
Image: Target

Target has no idea, to be honest. The only solid information I could get was on their website, where it says that they’ll have more information on their next stock availability after November 12, 2020.

Amazon Australia

“We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

Thank a bunch, Bezos.


“Coming Soon.”

Cheers, Rus.

Image: Sony
Image: Sony

And there you have it, the state of buying a PlayStation 5 in Australia as of mid-November, 2020. Pretty dire, right? Best of luck to anyone seeking a console during the new batch of pre-orders opening on launch day, and to anyone making the trek out to The Gamesmen in Penshurst on Friday. Hopefully, someone will keep this article updated into 2021 as the situation changes. But maybe not. Godspeed!

Edmond Tran is a long-time video games journalist and the former Australian editor of GameSpot.

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