Mediatonic Is Running A Fall Guys Survey Ahead Of The Next Season

The next season of astonishingly popular Fall Guys could be substantially shaped by user input, with developers Mediatonic surveying the userbase about their Fall Guys round preferences.

Fall Guys, the somewhat surprise hit of 2020 is already set to get a few tweaks to its existing rounds, such as a harder version of Perfect Match, but it looks as though upcoming rounds could also take into consideration the community feedback that suggests that some of its mini-games really aren’t that great at all.

As Eurogamer reports, Mediatonic is running a survey to gauge which level types are the most popular, whether users would like to see more maps for existing game types and even how many rounds a new season could have. It’s promoting the survey – which you can find here – is also being heavily pushed by its social channels as well:

I’ll be honest and say that while I very much got what Fall Guys was going for, I found it more of a frustrating than fun exercise overall, so tweaking is definitely a welcome exercise in my book.

A Fall Guys survey does allow Mediatonic to gauge public opinion, but obviously isn’t binding on its future design decisions. I mean, they’ve got to be aware that this kind of public polling is also how you end up with a ship called Boaty McBoatface.

Then again, maybe a Fall Guys round built on a badly named boat would be a surprise hit.

What do you reckon? Which rounds should have more, or less, or get dropped entirely?


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