How To Transfer Your Saved Games To PS5 and Xbox Series X

You’re probably chomping at the bit for upgrade your old console for either the upcoming PS5 of Xbox Series X, but worried that you won’t be able to transfer your saved files over to your new console. Never fear! Here’s the best way to transfer your PS4 and Xbox saves to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Transfer from PS4 to PS5

Image: Sony

PS5 will allow for transfer the saved files from the compatible games to your new console. Through a new blog post, Sony has detailed a multitude of ways in which you can transfer your saved file from your PS4 to the new console.

The first method relies on a LAN connection or external USB storage which allows for a more seamless transfer for those of you who are unlucky enough to have a slow connection.

For PS Plus members, you will have the option to also transfer your saved game files through your cloud storage. To download saved games from the cloud, can head head to Settings > Application Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage and then select Download to System Storage. You can pick the game and file to download from your cloud storage, and those files can then be copied onto your PS5 (either through an external USB drive or a LAN connection). You can then upload your saved data from your console to the cloud, ensuring easy access.

If you find trouble, just know that support for transferring your progress is on a game-by-game basis, and not a system wide feature.

Transfer from Xbox One to Xbox Series X

Image: Microsoft Xbox Series S/X

Xbox Series X will allow users to easily access their saved game files from previous consoles super easily. A message from the Microsoft team introduced Smart Delivery, which will allows users to easily transfer their saved files from Xbox Series X compatible games with the click of their fingers.

This also works out well for the players, as anyone who purchases and Xbox One version of a game will get the Xbox Series S/X version for free, making transfers between generations a cinch. Any and all progress from your current Xbox One games will follow you to the next-generation, although like the PS5, individual developers have to decide whether they’ll support the Smart Delivery feature.

Come November, if you do decide that it’s time to update your console and give either PS5 or the Xbox Series X a shot, you can rest assured knowing that your saved files can make the jump with you.


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