Animal Crossing: How To Get Every Spooky Furniture Item And Recipe

Halloween has finally arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the atmosphere is already delightfully spooky. For the entire month of October, players will be able to grab new spooky furniture recipes, collect candy and dress up in creepy costumes. Before you start collecting all the new spooky recipes, here’s what you should do in Animal Crossing this October.

  • Visit the Able Sisters Shop every day for new costumes
  • Visit Nook’s Cranny and purchase candy every day (you’ll need this on Halloween night)
  • Unlock new skin and eye colours by purchasing the ‘Body-Paint Costume Tips’ and ‘Exploring New Eye Colors’ packs at the Town Hall
  • Plant a bunch of pumpkins by purchasing seeds at Nook’s Cranny

Once you’ve completed these activities, you can get down to collecting recipes and furniture. Importantly, you have two options for discovering spooky furniture items: you can buy them outright from Nook’s Cranny or you can craft them with recipes. Either way, they’re the same item.

To find spooky furniture recipes, you should check the daily recipe bottle at the beach, shoot down every balloon in the sky or (and this is the most important one) visit your villagers when they’re at home for the chance to find them creating spooky furniture. If you walk in on a villager crafting, you’ve got a high chance of collecting a new spooky furniture recipe.

Pumpkins are the main ingredient in this furniture so you’ll want to create a big garden patch somewhere on your island to harvest the juiciest pumpkins around. White pumpkins are the rarest of the bunch and you’ll have a minor chance of growing them from the pumpkin seeds you find at Nook’s Cranny.

animal crossing pumpkins recipes

Here’s every spooky furniture item you can unlock (by recipe or purchase):

  • Spooky arch (10 orange pumpkins, 10 hardwood, 3 clay)
  • Spooky candy set (1 orange pumpkin, 3 candy)
  • Spooky carriage (30 orange pumpkins, 20 hardwood, 20 wood, 20 softwood, 10 iron nuggets)* 
  • Spooky chair (3 orange pumpkins, 3 softwood)
  • Spooky fence (3 orange pumpkins, 5 iron nuggets)
  • Spooky garland (1 orange pumpkin, 1 iron nugget, 1 clay)
  • Spooky lantern (4 orange pumpkins)
  • Spooky lantern set (4 orange pumpkins, 4 clump of weeds)
  • Spooky scarecrow (3 orange pumpkins, 4 wood)
  • Spooky standing lamp (3 orange pumpkins, 5 hardwood, 1 clay)
  • Spooky table (15 orange pumpkins, 10 softwood)
  • Spooky table setting (1 orange pumpkin, 1 iron nugget, 1 clay)
  • Spooky tower (7 orange pumpkins)
  • Spooky wand (1 spooky lantern, 3 star fragments)*

*Recipes marked with a star can only be obtained by giving Jack lollipops.

There’s also a bunch of special items you can only get on Halloween Night (October 31). Here’s how to unlock these items:

  • Jack’s robe (give candy to Jack)
  • Jack’s face (give candy to Jack for a second time)
  • Spooky rug (give candy to a villager on Halloween Night)
  • Spooky wall (give candy to a villager on Halloween Night)
  • Spooky flooring (give candy to a villager on Halloween Night)

You will get some repeated spooky items from Nook’s Cranny, but if you log on every day you’re in with a good chance of nabbing all 16 unique spooky furniture items. Happy haunting!


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