Crash Bandicoot 4: How To Defeat N. Gin

N. Gin is one of the earliest bosses in Crash Bandicoot 4 and while the trick to beating him is fairly simple, it requires patience. You’ll need to be constantly vigilant to put this boss and his giant robot to bed. If you’re struggling, check out these handy tips for survival.

First up, the simple stuff. In this fight, you’ll be trapped on a conveyor belt with deadly beams and minions coming at you like notes in Guitar Hero. For the first round, you’ll want to spin or slide-kick N. Gin’s minions straight on. You don’t need to aim much because they ricochet like magnets into the speakers on N. Gin’s platform.

Once you spin three minions into these speakers they’ll break and the conveyor belt will take you closer to N. Gin and his robot.

Jump onto the speakers and spin the robot in the head to knock off one of N. Gin’s life bars. You only have 15 seconds to pull this off, but the timing is fairly generous. You’ll also get a save point after each health bar so don’t worry too much about pulling all of this fight off at once.

n gin. boss fight crash bandicoot

In the next round, you’ll be approached by deadly, multi-coloured beams. Jump over the aqua beams and duck under the red beams. You’ll need to watch the beat and keep time to avoid them — it’s instant death if you touch one.

While this goes on, minions will pounce onto the conveyer belt and run at you.

Again, spin these enemies into the speakers but make sure you continue avoiding the light beams. (Eventually, the game will gift you a mask if you die enough times.) This time when you approach N. Gin, Lani-Loli will appear. You’ll need to use the mask’s phasing ability to climb up the obstacles and hit the robot.

From there, the conveyor belt will open up to three beams. Repeat the same process while avoiding the extra beams.

The final round is slightly different (and much easier). Here, you’ll be on floating platforms with minions leaping onto them from the water. Avoid falling in, spin three minions and you’ll be able to jump onto N. Gin’s platform and put him away for good.

Crash Bandicoot 4: Tips for defeating N. Gin

If you’re struggling, here are some key tips for tackling the boss battle:

  • Stay in the centre of the conveyor belt and focus on beams coming through your lane
  • Spin minions instead of kick-sliding them to maintain your position on the conveyor belt
  • Don’t double jump on the conveyer belt or move around too much — it wastes time
  • Use the yellow ring under your feet as a guide when you’re jumping on platforms
  • Don’t waste time once N. Gin’s robot is exposed
  • Listen to the beat — the beams are timed
  • Remember you’re on a conveyor belt — if you stand still for too long, you’ll be pushed off
  • Take your time in the final round and choose your platforms carefully

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