You Can Still Get An Xbox Series X From Telstra Delivered By Christmas

With all the doom and gloom around confirmed preorders getting cancelled, and the kerfuffle of trying to order a next gen console for release day, it could be easy to just give up. The good news is that one of the most affordable options for getting an Xbox Series X/S still has stock. For the Series S, it’s still wave one, for Series X it’s second wave.

Nathan Gumley, Telstra Principal for Gaming, said current estimates for shipping were November 9 for wave one, and December 9 for wave two.

As we’ve previously established, Telstra’s All Access console plans for next gen are pretty good value if you were going to be getting Xbox Game Pass month-to-month anyway. The Xbox Series S will be $33 a month, and the Xbox Series X is going for $46 a month.

The only catch is that you need to be an existing personal post-paid Telstra customer. For mobile that starts at $55 a month, and NBN for $75. That adds a wrinkle to the plan, depending on your current phone and internet plans and how very keen you are to get Xbox consoles ASAP and pay monthly instead of all up front.

Gumley said the preorder process had gone relatively smoothly for their first ever console launch. “We’ve been happy with the experience so far, particularly with being able to surprise and delight some customers by moving them from wave 2 to wave 1 dispatch. We initially had some technical challenges that prevented customers on older Telstra bundle plans from ordering, but this has all been resolved.”

While emails from some retailers have concerned some customers that there could be delays and order reductions to retailers (which Microsoft refuted on Twitter), Glumley was quick to assure customers that everything was on track. When asked if he was concerned Telstra’s allocation might be reduced he said: “No we’re not. Together with Microsoft, we’re really invested in the Xbox All Access offering of both a console and membership to Xbox Game Pass.”

The Xbox Series X|S is releasing in Australia on November 10. You can read all about your rights when it comes to preordering in this handy guide.


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