SteelSeries Just Announced A Mousepad That’s Larger Than An Actual Bath Towel

Fun fact: according to the Sheridan Australia website, a standard bath towel is 69cm x 140cm. SteelSeries’ latest 5XL gaming mousepad is 80cm x 160cm, or almost the size of a standard bath sheet (91cm x 167cm).

You could use the 5XL QcK to measure the space required to socially distance and have 10cm of mat to spare. It’s taller than the average Australian woman over the age of 65. It’s only 3.8cm shorter than the average Australian woman between the ages of 18-45. It’s taller than Zoe Kravitz, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristen Bell, and Anna Kendrick.

It is the same height as Natalie Portman.

And that’s before we even get into the 80cm width. That’s more than the length of an average man’s single step. Or roughly the same height as Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer.

It is too big for the Linnmon desktop at Ikea, which is only 75cm x 150cm. It’s even too big for Ikea’s specialty gaming desk named Freddie (185cm x 74cm x 146cm). The only Ikea gaming desk it will perfectly fit on is the more expensive IDÅSEN, which it was seemingly made for.

It’s even bigger than the Razer Gigantus V2 2XL, which, as we have pointed out before, is very large at 55cm x 120cm.

What I’m saying is that it is big.

the SteelSeries 5XL mousepad on a truly giant desk.
You’re going to need a bigger desk for the 5XL.

This unfeasibly large mousepad wasn’t the only one announced by SteelSeries today. The uncatchily named QcK range (presumably ‘quack’ to its friends) runs from small (an itty bitty 25cm x 21cm) to the previously mentioned 5XL.

The 5XL mat is designed for competitive players using a low DPI on their mouse so they don’t run out of room. Like a Sheridan bath towel, these mousepads feature a high thread count. Unlike the bath towel, they have a never-slip rubber base.

The 3XL mousepad still takes up a whole desk
In comparison, the still very big 3XL almost looks reasonable.

Officially, only the 61cm x 122cm QcK 3XL and QcK Prism 3XL (which has RGB lighting) will be releasing in Australian retail stores for $97 and $209 respectively. But the full range will be available worldwide from the SteelSeries website. Pricing for the regular, non-RGB QcK online will be:

  • 3XL US$49.99 ($70)
  • 4XL US$69.99 ($98) (76.2cm x 122cm)
  • 5XL US$99.99 ($140)

The RGB QcK Prism will be:

  • 3XL Prism US$99.99 ($140)
  • 4XL Prism US$119.99 ($168)
  • 5XL Prism US$149.99 ($210)

What do you think? Will you be buying an incredibly large mousepad?


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