Yakuza: Like A Dragon system requirements aren’t too demanding null

Following today’s very welcome news that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will release three days earlier than expected—on November 10—we now have the crime RPG’s system requirements. It’s probably not going to force you to upgrade your PC, but the minimum requirements are a tad more demanding than Yakuza 0.

Whereas you could make do with 4GB RAM in Yakuza 0, the forthcoming Yakuza 7 (they still haven’t brought Yakuza 6 to PC because that would make sense) will require 8GB RAM. That’s not likely to concern you though: these games tend to run decently on most modern systems.

Minimum requirements:
Windows 10
Intel Core i5-3470 | AMD FX-8350
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660, 2GB | AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2GB

Recommended specs:
Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 | AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Memory: 8GB RAM
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, 3GB | AMD Radeon RX 580, 4GB
Storage: 60GB

While the system requirements aren’t too different from Yakuza 0, the game itself appears set to deviate wildly: there’s a new protagonist, new cities, and the combat is now turn-based. 


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