The Internet Reacts To Halo Infinite’s Delay

Halo Infinite has been delayed into 2021, and not having Microsoft’s tentpole franchise to go with a new console naturally has fans shook.

The initial reaction from fans had two parts. Firstly, people were fairly welcoming of 343’s decision to delay the franchise to safeguard the wellbeing of their employees. However, the immediate response from a lot of fans was: If the next-gen consoles aren’t going to have their biggest next-gen franchise, why buy a console on day one?


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Kotaku Australia reader novasensei was fairly blunt, asking the question most people wondered this morning.


That said, some industry observers noted that delays on AAA games often don’t lead to less crunch, but more — since the teams were crunching already anyway.

Not everyone was supportive of the decision, with some questioning 343’s management given Halo Infinite‘s extensive development time and budget.

Others noted that 343 in particular had really struggled to transition to a working from home environment, and the challenges were especially prominent in the final stretch of development.

Some fans also pointed out that while this morning’s news doesn’t look great for Microsoft, it’s not like the situation on Sony’s side is much better, with only Miles Morales confirmed to be launching before Christmas. And some wondered whether the next generation should be delayed into 2021 as well.

The best Halo Infinite delay take, however, goes to local Assault Android Cactus developer Syama Mishra:


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