Playstation Now August Games Include Greedfall and Dead Cells

Playstation have added some new titles for the month of August.

Playstation Now August Games Include Greedfall and Dead Cells

Three title has been added to Playstation Now this August which includes the new world adventure party-based RPG Greedfall, the challenging pixel title Dead Cells and the trained assassin game Hitman 2.

If you fantasy travelling the world as you track your targets in a number of different locations, Hitman 2 might be your cup of tea. Follow Agent 47 through a number of terrains including busy streets, rain forests and exotic locations. Execute stealthy assassinations, use sabotage and more to achieve your goal. Hitman 2 is available on Playstation Now until February 2021.

Fight enemies with melee, pistols and even magic, in a tale of a new world and magical creatures in Greedfall.

Like the idea of taking up guns and using magic in a game? Then you might want to check out the intriguing open-world title Greedfall. The title features a pretty impressive set of Action-RPG systems, including the chance to put your own party together, customising everything from magical abilities to armor. Discover mystical creatures, diplomacy and set off into the new world with a group of your choosing. Recently Greedfall surpassed one million copies sold. If you want to know what we thought of this RPG be sure check out our  GreedFall Review – An RPG With Plenty Of Choices.

Take up the challenging rogue-lite, action-platformer Dead Cells. 

If you’re looking for a metroidvania title to test your skills, look no further than the rogue-lite Dead Cells. A Castlevania inspired action platformer,  where players can explore an ever changing castle as they fight their way through it’s keepers. The game features intense action, nonlinear progression, pattern-based bosses as well as weapons and spells along with unique gameplay. The title is now available on Playstation Now and will be accessible until February 2021.

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