How to Play With a Friend in Nioh 2 Using Secret Word (Password)

In this Nioh 2 Guide, we’ll show you how to Co Op with a friend in Nioh 2 using the Secret Word feature. It isn’t completely explained how this works, and though it’s not overly complicated for one player to setup their Secret Word (password), the other one may have no idea what to do. Let’s take a look at this and see how Co Op works with the Secret Word feature.

How to Play With a Friend in Nioh 2 Using Secret Word

In order to play with a friend that is already in a Mission, and not in Expedition, he or she will need to go to the Shrine and go to Summon Visitor. Once there, if they hit the Triangle button they will bring up some further options and you clan select play with Friend or Secret Word. If you select Secret Word then you must enter one. That’s the easy part, and if you landed here then you likely already knew that. On to the next part.

If you are the Friend that wants to be summoned, you must be on the map screen and go to the Starting Point and select Torii Gate. Once inside the Torii Gate you’ll select the Random Encounter feature and you can set the mission your Friend is playing in and change the setting to Secret Word and enter the same Secret Word as them. Then click Search. That’s all there is to it!

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