Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War confirmed by a Doritos promotion of all the things null

Back in May a leak suggested the next Call of Duty Black Ops would either be called Cold War, or at least be set during the cold war — a term George Orwell used to describe the tension between Russia and the rest of their allies post-World War II. That’s now been confirmed, thanks to a Doritos promotion.

As ModernWarfareZone noted, the promotion bears the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War name as well as a logo we haven’t seen before, and it runs from October 5 to October 31. Whether that will coincide with the launch of the game is unknown. During the promotion packets of Doritos will give players codes for two xp in its multiplayer mode, and put them in a draw to win two xp for a year. The small print notes the game’s ESRB rating is pending.

An Activision shooter labelled “The Red Door” recently appeared on the Microsoft Store and there’s good reason to believe this may be a placeholder for the next Call of Duty, or at least its alpha. 


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