Yarntown a 2D Bloodborne Remake with Zelda Features

An indie developer has taken their love of Bloodborne and recreated a 2D version cross with Zelda.

Yarntown a 2D Bloodborne Remake with Zelda Features

An indie developer by the name of Max Mraz has released a Bloodborne inspired 2D title with Zelda elements. The Action-RPG puts the popular FromSoftware title transforms it into top-down 2D with a Zelda adventure twist.

The game is developer with the Solarus engine, bringing a pixel charm to Bloodborne’s Central Yharham and even pits players against the same bosses from the title from that location.

Yarntown doesn’t include all the complexity of the From title, but does include a handful of similar mechanics with dodge rolls, stamina, quicksilver bullets and even blood vials for that quick boost of health. In this cute version you can even upgrade weapons in the Hunter’s Dream which has also be reconstructed into pixel form.

Image via itch.io

While the game definitely includes many of the well-known aspects of Bloodborne, it’s not an exact model of it’s lifesized counterpart. It includes the shortcuts, enemies and even the rabid dogs. This is an homage to the full title and seems to be made for fun as it’s available for free on itch.io.

While Bloodborne is always rumoured to be possibly coming to PC (maybe?), you can try out this 2D pixel version while you wait.

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