Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Celebration Event Starts July 23rd

Join in on the Summerset Celebration event where you can earn bonuses rewards and collectibles starting next week!

Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Celebration Event Starts July 23rd

Defend Summerset and be rewarded during the Summerset Celebration Event. During this event you will be able to earn bonus rewards and a specific event outfit style while you explore Summerset and Artaeum. The Summerset Celebration takes places from Thursday July 23rd at 10:00 AM EDT to Tuesday August 4th 10:00 AM EDT.

Snowhawk Mage Outfit Style

How to Earn Summerset Celebration Rewards

In order to gain rewards you will need to any of the following in Summerts and Artaeum to gain extra loot:

  • Complete daily quests
  • Gather resource nodes
  • Take part in world, trial and delve boss fights as well as use Psijic Portals (only found in Summerset).
  • The first time you complete an Abyssal Geyser, delve, world boss or Cloudrest trial each day, you will also gain a Glorious Summerset Coffer in addition to the usual rewards.

Coffers will contain a number of items which include set items, crafting materials, furnishing recipes and pages from the brand-new Snowhawk Mage outfit style.

Even if you have already received and opened your daily Glorious Summerset Coffer, you can still earn more rewards which will be contained in Summerset Coffers. You can earn these additional boxes by continuing to eliminate island threats. These more common boxes can be earned by a number actitivies which include safeboxes, Psijic Portals, resource nodes and more.

Event Tickets

You can also start earning Event Tickets which can be use to go towards the next Indrik Mount evolution called the Mossheart. The tickets also can be used at the Impressario on a number of goodies, not just Indrik Feathers and berries (for evolution):

All four Indrik Feathers (to get a Nascent Indrik)

  • The first two Mossheart Berries of Bloom and Budding
  • Group repair kits
  • Summerset furnishings
    • Alinor Wall Mirror, Ornate
    • Alinor Archway, Tall
    • Alinor Monument, Marble
    • Painting of Summerset Coast, Refined
    • Alinor Pergola, Blue Wisteria Peaked
    • Display Case, Specimen
    • Psijic Lighting Globe, Small
    • Alinor Winerack, Polished
    • Display Case, Standing Arched
    • Alinor Desk, Mirrored
  • Snowhawk Mage outfit style pages (bound to your character on purchase)

Summerset now 50% Off

If you don’t already own Summerset you can now get the DLC for 50% off. To purchase the DLC you will need to use Crowns in the Crown Store to purchase. Those who have ESO plus will be able to access the zone as part of their subscription.

You can also get the Summerset Collector’s Pack for 50% off, purchase the Psijic Crown Crates which will return to the store, and also have a chance to buy the new “Music Box, Enigmas of the Elder Way” furnishing.

Elder Scrolls Online is available to play on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Stadia. If you’re wondering whether to purchase ESO Plus be sure to check out our ESO All DLC Review: Is ESO Plus Worth It? What Each Elder Scrolls Online DLC Adds – Sets, Skills, Classes And More!

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