How To Watch Nintendo’s Paper Mario Treehouse This Weekend

Nintendo’s latest Treehouse presentation will air this Saturday. It’s set to feature a Paper Mario showcase alongside a mystery new game from studio Wayforward.

The upcoming Treehouse will show off new content for Paper Mario: The Origami King, set for release on July 17. The Kotaku US team recently got hands-on with the game and were impressed by its puzzle battles but outside of the initial trailer teases and brief previews, we haven’t seen much of the game yet.

All we know so far is the latest Treehouse will highlight new gameplay and a fresh look at the title.

Also on show will be a mystery announcement from indie developers WayForward. This game is described as “a franchise new to [the developer].” Nintendo later confirmed this would be based on a third-party property, not a Nintendo-owned title.

WayForward is most known for their Shantae the Half-Genie series, but they’ve developed some first-party tie-in games like the surprisingly excellent The Mummy Demastered. WayForward has teased that they have an upcoming game, but there’s no current indication about what it’ll be.

We do love a good mystery.

Outside of these titles, don’t expect Nintendo to reveal too much more in this Treehouse. Their upcoming games slate is surprisingly bare outside of rumours around Mario spin-offs and ports, but these announcements are more likely to come in a Nintendo Direct rather than a Treehouse. Instead, expect some fun Paper Mario antics and a casual chat with the Nintendo team.

To catch up with all the latest news and check out new gameplay from Paper Mario, you’ll need to head to Nintendo’s YouTube channel or social media on Saturday. The presentation takes place in the wee hours of the morning, but if you’re brave enough or just keen for some Mario action, you can tune in from 3am AEST.

As usual, Australia gets the short end of the stick when it comes to time zones but luckily it’s taking place on a weekend so you might be able to nab a sleep in afterwards.

The latest Nintendo Treehouse will go live on Satuday, July 11 at 3am AEST. You can catch it on Nintendo’s YouTube channel or social media.


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