Please Enjoy Watching Superliminal Break Our Brains

Superliminal is one of those puzzlers that lulls you into a false sense of security. That’s cute, you think. How hard could this possibly be?

That’s the attitude Leah and I are taking into this week’s Kotaku Australia livestream, anyway. I’m hoping Superliminal won’t break our brains to Witness-level degrees, but if we go bonkers working our way out of Dr. Pierce’s dream therapy program, at least you’ll all get to enjoy it.

Superliminal hit the Switch recently and it’s been out on PC for a little while through Epic. It’s coming to Steam this November.

Leah and I will be playing through the game from the start from 2:30pm AEST / 4:30pm NZST / 12:30pm AWST. You can watch the channel below, or directly through Twitch. If you haven’t followed the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel, please do – it really helps us out. (Update: The stream’s finished, but you can rewatch Leah and my runthrough below!)

For those who haven’t gotten into Superliminal, but have been eying it off — any reason why? And for those who are into these kinds of mind-bending puzzlers, what have you seen from 2020 that’s caught your eye?

Note: During the stream, the developer of Superliminal dropped into the chat and gave away some ANZ Switch codes to Superliminal — while helping me and Leah work through some of the puzzles. Very, very classy thing to do — many thanks!


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