Desperados Free Pen and Paper Tabletop RPG

THQ Nordic have announced you can now download a free tabletop pen and paper version of the RPG Desperados.

Desperados Free Pen and Paper Tabletop RPG

THQ Nordic recently released their strategy based RPG Desperados 3 where players take on the Wild West. Now more good news for RPG fans as THQ alongside Pegasus Spiele, has now announced a pen and paper RPG also set in the mid west called Desperados: A Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game. While this isn’t the tabletop version of the their current released game, it still includes some gun slinging action which you can enjoy with friends.

The tabletop can be downloaded in PDF form which includes an illustrated game book, character sheets and even printable tokens. Best of all it’s free to download, so you can live out your wildest western RPG dreams right now. The files include a printer friendly version, so you don’t have to worry about using too much ink when printing out the assets.

Images via Desperados tabletop RPG

They have also released a trailer that outlines some of the features which you can check out below:

Official video description:

Welcome to the Wild West, the world of Desperados. Here you’ll meet grumpy prospectors, taciturn trappers, trigger-happy gunslingers and confident barmaids. Duels in the scorching midday heat, dangerous gunfights and more await you.

Be sure to check out our preview for Desperados 3 if you want to see what we thought.

Desperados 3 is currently available to play on PC and console. The Desperados pen and paper tabletop RPG is available for free on.

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