Here’s Warzone’s Gulag, lovingly recreated in Minecraft null

When you’re eliminated early in a match of Call of Duty: Warzone, you’re dropped into the Gulag, a prison where you’ll have to fight 1v1 against another eliminated player. The winner gets to rejoin the battle royale match they were eliminated from, while the loser can watch other 1v1 battles while hoping their team gathers enough cash to redeploy them. It’s a pretty novel system, and unique in BR.

One Minecraft player is apparently so fond of Warzone’s Gulag they recreated a blocky version of it on their server. What’s more, they made it their spawnpoint, so when they die in Minecraft, they get sent to the Gulag—just like what happens when dying in Warzone. That’s commitment.

The Gulag recreation, by Reddit userr leonejedi, looks pretty great to me! If they can just convince a bunch of other players to respawn there and throw rocks at each other after they die, I’d consider it a complete success.

Thanks, GameSpot.


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