Elder Scrolls Online Free Pet When You Opt in to Email

You can now grab a free Elder Scrolls Online pet simply by opting for emails from Zenimax.

Elder Scrolls Online Free Pet When You Opt in to Email

Now you can gain a free Infernium Dwarven Spiderling non-combat pet for free with the Elder Scrolls Online simply by verifying you email address and opt in for marketing emails from Zenimax. This will land you the free pet which is an automaton spider that has flame legs. This is only available until July 1st at 2:59AM EDT so make sure to do this before then, or you’ll miss out on a cool fiery looking pet.

How to Gain Your Free Pet

To gain your free pet you will need to verify your email address after logging into your ESO account on the official ESO website. Console players who have not verified their email can follow these steps on the official help page to setup this up to claim your pet.

You will also need to opt in for marketing emails, to do this you will need to log into your ESO account, head to the Options menu and select “Account”. Here you will find “Marketing Preferences” which you will need to enable.

This can also be done from the official website from your account’s page under “Marketing Preferences” under the Account Summary section, be sure to check “I would like to receive news about new events and promotions” box and click save.

Marketing emails will contain lots of info sent straight to your inbox including latest news, trailers, sale and more. If you don’t want to continue receiving these emails in future, you can access the account section again to turn them off.

An email will be sent out in the month of July that will contain your Spiderling so be on the lookout for the code that you will need to redeem. This can be redeemed under the “Redeem Code” section in the Crown Store when you’re logged in on ESO. Another way is to visit the official ESO website and do it from there as well once logged in.

In other recent news the Elder Scrolls Online recently landed on a new platform which is Stadia, which allows players to continue their adventures through cross-progression from PC. It also brings cross-play meaning players can team up with PC players while playing on Stadia. Stadia players also can get a free copy of the base game if they have Stadia Pro. According to the official website the game is currently locked at 30 fps.

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