JB Hi-Fi Takes Down ‘Very Angry Lesbian’ Promo For Last Of Us 2

A Brisbane JB Hi-Fi store has pulled down a derogatory promo stand for The Last Of Us 2, which swapped out the game’s title on the box art with the words “A Very Angry Lesbian”.

Images of the promo began circulating on Twitter from the co-founder of PaperScape Press, a local indie comics stockist. The stand featured box copies with some fake overgrowth – mirroring the environments in-game. The offending element was a mock image of the box art, reading “A Very Angry Lesbian”.

Immediately after posting, the Twitter user said while they’d seen it as a meme online, it “shouldn’t be used as part of visual merchandising”. It’s understandably inflammatory, and local outlets Press-Start and Stevivor immediately criticised the JB Hi-Fi store for the stand.

The Brisbane-based store confirmed over the phone that the stand has since been taken down. When asked why, the JB employee said they were not at liberty to discuss the reasoning.

JB has not provided a comment at the time of writing. The company’s staffers regularly use snark and humour in their reviews, most famously taking the piss at games at times, like No Man’s SkyFallout 76 and Anthem.

The reviews for Last of Us Part 2, meanwhile, began appearing last week. Most critics have been effusive in their praise, although there are some less impressed with Ellie’s second outing. I found the game lacking the tight narrative structure of the first game, while Kotaku US’s Riley found the game was exhausting and unnecessarily brutal.

“So many people worked on this game for so long, and at such cost, that I want The Last Of Us 2 to be more than the experience I had,” Riley wrote.

Aussie YouTuber Skill Up had a similar experience, saying the movie felt like a DC movie where “everyone is grim dark all the time”. “The Last of Us 2 is completely lost in the darkness, because there’s no light to look for,” he said.


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