Is Bloodborne coming to PC?

Is From Software’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne coming to PC? Rumors are the closest thing to evidence we have so far, but it’s looking increasingly likely. We’re in the middle of a brand new world where console manufacturers are increasingly warming up to the PC platform. Sony has already announced one former PS4 exclusive is on its way to PC, and the Dark Souls games have been enormously successful on Steam. A proper PC version of Bloodborne would hardly be the strangest thing to happen.

But with so much info swirling around, it’s hard to know what’s worth taking seriously. To help clear things up, we’ve gathered every rumor and hint alluding to Bloodborne coming to PC.

A Bloodborne remaster is supposedly coming to PS5 and PC

Rumors inherently have a chance of being untrue, but enough people have been alluding to a Bloodborne remaster announcement that it’s starting to seem more substantial than wishful thinking. The most complete version of this rumor comes from streamer CaseyExplosion, who shared in a Twitter thread how she learned of a supposed Bloodborne remaster coming to PC and PS5.

CaseyExplosion explained that she offered a $100 bounty (donated to charity) for details on the long-rumored Bloodborne PC port. She says a trusted (unspecified) source confirmed its existence and said an official remaster was supposed to be announced at Sony’s big PlayStation 5 event that was delayed this week.

That’s exciting, if true. It helps that industry insider Wario 64 and Kinda Funny co-host Imran Khan have both hinted at the rumor, too (also: Demon’s Souls, too?).

If they’re right, we’ll know more about Bloodborne’s supposed remaster when Sony eventually reschedules its PS5 event.

Bluepoint Games and QLoc are supposedly working on the remaster

After CaseyExplosion’s tweets, a youtuber by the name of PC Gaming Inquisition put out a video echoing the same rumor with some additional details. The video claims that the remaster is being co-developed by Bluepoint Games (an experienced porting studio that recently remade Shadow of the Colossus) and QLoc, the studio that developed Dark Souls Remastered and has handled other Japanese PC ports.

PC Gaming Inquisition also says the remaster’s fps will go higher than 30 and it will come to Steam.  They do not specify their sources, but CaseyExplosion independently confirmed that QLoc is working on the project in a follow-up tweet.  

To PCGI’s credit, the video acknowledges having no established credibility for insider news of this sort. The only stock worth putting into this claim is the sheer momentum of continuously hearing similar whispers. It’s not a lot, but it’s something.

Sony is no stranger to the PC nowadays

We live in a time where Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an official PC port, so a Bloodborne PC remaster doesn’t sound ridiculous (of course, the best false rumors sound very believable). Bloodborne might be the PS4 generation’s most beloved game. If Sony is trying to gain clout with PC gamers, Bloodborne would be a much bigger deal.

It’s also worth noting the other PS4 exclusives that are strongly rumored to be coming to PC. Media Molecule has openly talked about its ambitions to bring Dreams to PC at some point in the future, a scenario that Sony doesn’t seem to be pushing back on. A Naughty Dog job listing asking for Nvidia expertise earlier this year also suggests that The Last of Us Part 2 has a PC version in the works. PlayStation exclusive series MLB: The Show is also going multi-platform in 2021, though that may due to a special deal with the MLB itself.

Baseball and Bloodborne on PC—neither’s confirmed yet, but they’d make for a beautiful sight.


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