Bloodborne’s Intro Cinematic Was Slightly Censored For The Final Version

According to a data miner, Bloodborne’s original opening cinematic had a different sequence to the final release, gaining some slight censorship.

Bloodborne’s Intro Cinematic Was Slightly Censored For The Final Version

The Twitter user by the name of @manfightdragon or known as Lance McDonald who produces a number of videos containing unearth secrets found from data mining FromSoftware’s titles, this time unveiled a new finding for Bloodborne. The opening cinematic for Bloodborne once was a little different from the intro scene that is known today.

The intro CGI is not vastly different but McDonald does note that the released version misses out a scene that comes after the point where the Cleric Beast attacks the Hunter character. The original still cuts to a black screen however was a little more gory. The clip shown in the tweet shared by McDonald shows a splattering of blood on the ground with some squelchy sounds, before it slowly fades to darkness.

Why was this cut from the final intro? Well once upon a time this intro scene was also used as the game’s initial reveal trailer according to Dualshockers. One theory is that this was to be shown as a reveal trailer at E3 2014, apparently Sony may have felt this would not be suitable, so to appeal to a wider audience, trimmed this scene to reduce the gore. This would make sense why the final version also doesn’t include the smattering of blood on the stone floor. Another theory could be it was simply cut for time, as the other scenes in the opening didn’t seem any less graphic. Whatever the reason it didn’t make it into the final opening. Do you think they should have left it in? Let us know in the comments below.

Screenshot taken from @manfightdragon Twitter post

This isn’t the only treasure McDonald has dug up from Bloodborne, he has quite the trove of cut content including once it had a Loran Cleric Boss Fight and even scenes with the Vileblood Queen.

I  think it’s quite amazing that even after so many years there are still these snippets of hidden content that are being revealed and always find it interesting to find out what didn’t quite make the cut.

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