Frozen Flame A Survival Action RPG Launches on PC Early Access This Fall

Dreamside Interactive have announced they will be releasing the Fig-funded multiplayer survival action-RPG Frozen Flame for PC on Steam Early Access.

Frozen Flame A Survival Action RPG Launches on PC Early Access This Fall

Frozen Flame the multiplayer Action-RPG was funded on Fig, and has been announced by the developer Dreamside Interactive, that it will coming to Steam Early Access with the minimum price point of $29. The title sets to have a deep RPG experience, where players will defeat epic bosses and various ferocious monsters with fast-paced combat. There is also flexible crafting and leveling systems which the developer explains will offer great replayability.

The story surrounds The Flame, a source of great magical power that will help develop your character’s powerful abilities. Endgame will include building entire settlements, taming wild creatures as well as exploring new lands and dungeons.

The main game mode is called Cataclysm where survival is not the only goal, the world needs saving from the destruction at hand. What’s interesting is that there is only partial saves after each game cycle, which will bring players closer to the final boss. There will be additional game modes and worlds in future updates.

The artstyle kind of looks a bit like the monster hunter Dauntless mixed in with some Fornite survival building, but has it’s own flavour of story and fantasy. Will be interesting to see more of this open-world multiplayer, and how it shapes up in early access.

You can check out the official features below and the latest gameplay video:

Key Features

  • Explore the World of Dragons – Explore a vast open world filled with epic artifacts and secrets to uncover. Find Memory Shards to reacquire forgotten knowledge and recall the past. Only a few humans and dragons were able to survive the destruction wrought by the impending Cataclysm. Meet various characters that will help you on your quest.
  • Master the Magical Flame – The world is filled with the magic of Flame, which offers unlimited possibilities. Use it to find your own path and unleash the power of the ancients.
  • Hunt the Cursed Creatures – The land remains cursed and is filled with monsters that have been driven mad by their obsession and thirst for the Flame’s unmatched power. The most dangerous creatures lurk in the depths of dark dungeons, where death awaits at every turn. Every enemy requires a unique approach. And even other players can become cursed.
  • Team Up with Allies – Play on your own, with friends or join one of the Orders. Level up your reputation to unlock new opportunities. Each Order has its own goals, like hunting for ancient artifacts, confronting other Wanderers or saving the scattered survivors of this dying world.

Frozen Flame will be coming to Steam Early Access this fall.

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