Bethesda Announces Immersive Experience For PAX Australia

Melbourne International Games Week is almost upon us, and Bethesda has announced a little treat they call “Worlds of Bethesda” for those making the trip to PAX Australia this year.

On October 7th and 8th, Bethesda is inviting fans to The Dove Club, which is a 25-minute walk from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, for an immersive experience that will take people into the many different worlds that Bethesda has created.

The description on Event Brite explains that the event will include experiences inspired by Starfield, Redfall, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. There will be entertainment, themed food and beverages, a community party and more!

To be specific, the World of Bethesda will include a Tamrielic tavern inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online, a Reclamation Day dining area inspired by Fallout, a planetary exploration and anti-gravity space room inspired by Starfield, and the survivor HQ in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts.

Worlds of Bethesda sessions will be an hour long and will span across Friday and Saturday, with six of the sessions being 18+, including one session tailored to those with sensory issues, plus one that’s exclusively for those 15-17 years old.

According to GamesHub, every person that attends the Worlds of Bethesda will come away with a bunch of Bethesda-related goodies, as well as the opportunity to bring your Xbox controller along to be customised with symbols from Bethesda games by WeAreRobots.

Best of all, the event will also be completely free, but you better get in quick if you’d like to go as you have to register your interest!

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